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Fatherhood From a Different Lens

When courage seems lost, fathers need a friend who can open their eyes to the sovereignty of God’s grace and his power to transform even the most difficult circumstances into times we can celebrate God’s goodness and experience his joy.

For parents, the realization that your child has a disability hits hard. But be encouraged – you are not alone! In Another Kind of Courage, authors Doug Mazza and Steve Bundy share their experiences as fathers of children with disability. Along with the encouragement and hope that they found in their walk with God.

In Another Kind of Courage, you will learn God’s design for fathers of families affected by disability. Mothers and wives will get a valuable look inside the heart and mind of their husband, gaining insight about his journey as the father of a child with a disability.

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Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast

Visit the podcast to hear a little more from Steve Bundy as he shares a father’s perspective on a road that few parents would choose to travel. But, as Steve eventually discovered, it’s a road that has a destination. He talks with our host, Crystal Keating, about the hardest, most painful, and most joyful years he could have imagined, and the courage and healing he found through his son’s disability.

If you’re a parent, especially a father wrestling with fears and doubts about your child, know that you are not alone. Listen to Steve’s encouragement and advice for any father, then download a free chapter of his book, Another Kind of Courage, co-authored by Doug Mazza.

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