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Wheels for the World – Uganda

April 5 - April 15


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Wheels for the World in Uganda

Often referred to as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is known for its magnificent landscapes, exceptional wildlife, and diverse people. While most people claim a Christian faith, beliefs from animistic tribal religions continue to shape the culture and influence perceptions, especially in rural areas. People affected by a physical disability in Uganda are often outcasts as others fear that they are cursed and unclean. A wheelchair not only provides the gift of independence and mobility for those with a disability, but they also gain dignity and respect from others and can be reinstated in their communities. On this outreach team you will travel through multiple regions, sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ with hundreds of Ugandans. Use your unique talents to serve as a seating specialist, wheelchair mechanic, or general support member. Outreach costs are all-inclusive including the Uganda Visa.

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April 5
April 15
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