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Engaging Volunteers at Your Church

“People are people and everybody has a place in the church family. When you get to know somebody, you can help them to be a part of the family. If you never take the time to get to know them, that’s not going to happen.”

-Bret Welshymer

Everyone who comes through the church doors should feel welcomed and included. But when a new family at your church includes children or adults with disabilities, how do you gather and train volunteers to meet their unique needs?

Today on the podcast, Crystal is talking with ministry experts Bret Welshymer and Lauren Garner about what it takes to serve people with disabilities in your church. Listen as they share practical ways to recruit, train, and encourage volunteers to get to know families impacted by disability. Bret and Lauren offer ways to dispel fears and also share structures for helping volunteers find their place. Everybody needs to be loved and unconditionally accepted – serving families impacted by disability gives you that opportunity!

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The 8 Steps to Starting a Disability Ministry

Beginning at square one? Click here to download the “8 Steps to Starting a Disability Ministry” for practical first steps as you think about reaching out to individuals and families impacted by disability.

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Engaging Game Changers

Good volunteers are the heartbeat of a ministry. This resource will train you in the key aspects of working with volunteers; identifying and recruiting the right people, providing great training, and releasing them to serve. Engaging Game Changers will help you build solid volunteers who will serve families affected by special needs with the love of Christ.

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