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Don’t Miss This Slice of Heaven

Many weeks of the year, families impacted by disability can struggle with isolation and acceptance, they can feel worn down by routine appointments and the daily needs of life with a disability. But each summer, there is a place for families with special needs to be rejuvenated and refreshed in God’s Word… in an accessible space that fits the needs of the entire family. Joni and Friends Family Retreats are not just a week of fun, they are a week for all families, regardless of ability, to be celebrated, loved, and cared for in a camp environment. Families find acceptance, community with others who face similar challenges, and the love of Christ.

Jase Magarifuji
Arielle Mitchell


But Family Retreats aren’t just for families impacted disability; there is an opportunity for any member of the body of Christ to get involved. Retreats are only possible because of the volunteers who step out of their comfort zone to befriend and serve families impacted by disability for a week. Today, Crystal is chatting with two volunteers, Arielle Mitchell and Jase Magarifuji, who share their initial fears about volunteering, and also the life-changing experiences they had during one of the hardest and  best week of their lives! Hear how a week of fun, community, and worship with the whole body of Christ literally felt like a slice of heaven.

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Family Retreats offer a haven for families impacted by disability. In a fully accessible camp environment, families are cared for, rejuvenated, and encouraged in Christ.

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