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Does God Hear My Prayers?

“Suffering can feel like a darkness that blinds us to God’s presence. In the dark, you can stand next to someone and not even know they are there. Suffering can do that to us spiritually. Although God is always close by, we can feel alone.”

What do you do when you beg God to help you and it seems like nothing changes? You ask for relief, but circumstances remain overwhelming. You plead for reasons, and it feels like God is silent. You may begin to wonder,

Is God listening to my questions at all?

Today on the podcast, Crystal is talking with Dave Deuel about God’s attentive ear in the midst of unplanned, life-changing situations. As father to Joanna who has Down syndrome and is now in her 30s, Dave and his family have walked through challenging seasons of disability and mental illness. Listen as he shares how suffering has shaped his understanding of God, and he offers practical ways that you can press into Christ in the midst of hardship.

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Is God Listening?

This book reminds you that God hears each cry for help, and he is not silent. He speaks to you through his Word—the Bible—and he acted to save you through the cross. Jesus offers us his unwavering presence and the promise that one day, those who trust him will be delivered completely.

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