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Coping with Grief and Loss

Whether it’s the result of an unexpected diagnosis, a life-changing disability, the end of a marriage, or the loss of a loved one, grief can arrive suddenly… and it can take up residence without an invitation.

Although we will all encounter loss and grief at some point, we aren’t meant to walk through it alone. God is near in the midst of pain and sadness, and as a friend to someone who is grieving, your prayers and presence can help provide comfort.

Today, Crystal is talking with her friend Halley Mastrolonardo about her journey through unexpected and devastating tragedies. Listen in to hear where Halley has found real support and healing as she has navigated through loss and grief.

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Read Halley’s Devotional

If in one year you could have a deeper relationship with God because of the grief He allowed you to go through, do you think you’d be grateful for what you learned along the way?

Read Halley’s Devotional