Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement (grounded transition from Luke 10:25-37 to Luke 14:21-23):

Cause 4 Life (C4L) Global Missions and Internships encourage the Spirit empowered growth of a biblical compassionate love for others (Luke 10:25-37), within current and emerging Christian leaders, resulting in action-oriented ministry with people affected by disability (Luke 14:21-23) — together spreading HOPE around the world.

And a more detailed explanation for how we encourage the empowering work of the Holy Spirit...

Cause 4 Life interns are introduced to a biblical view of: (1) suffering and disability, (2) compassion being an active expression of biblical love, and (3) the power of a relational sustaining hope (horizontally with the local church and vertically with Jesus Christ). Interns are in turn granted opportunities to apply these biblical principles, coupled with their unique individual skills, in hands-on local ministries and global international missions with people affected by disability. During the journey, each intern is mentored and challenged to implement disability ministry as part of his or her life calling (Luke 10:25-37 leading to Luke 14:21-23).

Our resulting one encompassing ministry Motto (based in Luke 10:25-37):

Love, compassion, hope...