Disability in Mission

Mission to One

January 15, 2021

COVID-19 separated us dangerously. As in any crisis, the threats of the virus disproportionately affected the vulnerable and marginalized. Hospitals had no choice but to conserve very limited medical supplies. Without serious advocacy and intervention, this meant that people with disabilities were often last in line, in some cases, left alone to fend for themselves.…

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God Relaxes the Bow

December 18, 2020

Off to the mission field with polio It was my second Christmas in Papua and I was having a 10-day break with some other single missionary gals from various agencies. We were where Elfrieda worked in the beautiful mountain setting of the Nduga tribe. One day Elfrieda said, “When we clear the dishes after dinner,…

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Wheelchairs on Mission

November 20, 2020

Feeling like nothing I remember very well what my mom told me others were telling her—that nothing good would ever come from me, that it was not worth it to bring me to the school just for me to sit there and listen. I got sick when I was a year and a half old.…

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Disability in Mission through Technology

October 30, 2020

How can technology improve the way that people with disabilities participate in the mission field? I think I and my coworkers have found several ways. My name is Kim-Fu Lim. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and came to the States to do my undergraduate training. My interest in electronics developed very early…

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On Mission to a Pygmy Community

October 23, 2020

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” —Matthew 28:19-20 Hello, my name is Daniel Kyungu and my home is in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. I shared…

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Let’s Ask the Right Questions about People with Disabilities in Mission

September 29, 2020

God’s drama of mission power and weakness Mission is God’s theater before a watching world. Mission weakness is the set on God’s global stage to tell his story of power and sufficiency, the greatest story told since the dawn of time. God displays his power through the weakness of his messengers, some of whom have…

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Beyond the Visa Glitch

September 21, 2020

“Having to do the harder thing has required us to exercise faith, which put us in a position to experience God’s miraculous provision.” I met my husband, Brent, in 1988 at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston. He was known as ‘Mr. Indonesia’ among our fellow seminarians because he knew EXACTLY where he was going after…

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Blindness, No Handicap to Training Others

September 15, 2020

“As a carpenter needs tools to build a structure, the disabled missionary needs tools he can use to build Christ’s body.” My life didn’t begin with too much promise. A part of that had to do with the circumstances surrounding my birth. I was born three months prematurely. The pure oxygen administered in the incubator…

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On Mission with Down Syndrome

September 8, 2020

“If God modifies your plan, he will provide the resources to make the adjustment.” In 2009, while I was completing my bachelor’s degree in International Relations in my homeland, Haiti, the Lord called me to full-time ministry. After accepting the call, my wife Emmania and I immigrated to the United States of America (hereafter, USA)…

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How God Raises Up Missionary Leaders Through Disability

August 24, 2020

“God uses all of us and our diverse gifts to glorify Him – we just have to make ourselves available…” I entered this world 33 years ago, perplexing doctors as they searched for a diagnosis. I was born with a rare genetic disorder that requires constant monitoring and treatment. Hospital and doctor visits were routine…

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