4-Minute Radio Program

Serving Adults With Disabilities

July 10, 2020

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and I love the way God works! And I’m thinking about that today because recently I was at a medical appointment – things are opening up with COVID-19. And while my husband and I were enjoying dinner, this attractive young woman sat down, you know, at a socially-distanced place near…

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Suffocating Pride

July 9, 2020

I’m Joni Eareckson Tada; if you know this classic hymn, sing along… “When I survey the wondrous cross On which the Prince of Glory died, My richest gain I count but loss And pour contempt on all my pride.” You’ve got to love that last line! Oh, God, pour contempt on all my pride. Because…

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Purposeful Thinking

July 8, 2020

Sometimes listening to yourself can get you into a lot of trouble! Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada, and thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to join me today – especially with that intriguing statement I just made. Because I know, as a spinal cord injured quadriplegic, I understand depression –…

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Knit Together In Love

July 7, 2020

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with encouraging words. And I have a group of friends – all of them deal with chronic, constant pain. Anyway, my friends – Cynthia, Vaneetha, Michael, Greg, Shannon, Rika – let’s see – Theresa, Todd, and Barbara and more – these friends and I have made a solid pact, we’ve…

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Honoring God’s Name

July 6, 2020

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and do we take God’s name in vain? I recently asked that on this program, and I received so many emails asking me to repeat my response to that question, you know, what does it mean to take God’s name in vain? Well, we all know, you know the Ten…

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An Anniversary Of Gratitude

July 3, 2020

What an unusual wedding anniversary we’re celebrating today. Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada. Ken and I have been married 38 years today and, yes, we have enjoyed many anniversaries over more than three decades. But I’ve got a feeling we will always remember the wedding anniversary of 2020. While most people have long-stopped sheltering in…

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God Isn’t Too Lofty

July 2, 2020

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada, and I love God. I really do! But it was not always that way. Growing up, I wouldn’t say that I really loved God. Uh, uh. No. I kinda liked Him; I heard lots of great stories about Him, the God who scattered galaxies, supernovas. But did I love Him?…

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We Go Together

July 1, 2020

Hi, I’m Joni here with a modern day example of the body of Christ. And my friend and co-worker Shauna Amick – hi, Shauna! SHAUNA: Hey there, Joni. JONI: And you’re in studio with me today, because you’re going to tell us a great story about your daughter Sarah, right? SHAUNA: I sure am. You…

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The Lord Walks With You

June 30, 2020

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to “Joni and Friends.”  You know how you can read something in the Bible a hundred times, then, suddenly, you see something you’ve never read before? Well, Ken and I were reading in the book of Daniel last night, and we came across the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. You know the story where…

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Live Out the Gospel

June 29, 2020

“Whatever happens, conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel.”  And that’s a wonderful verse from Philippians, isn’t it? Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada, and I came across that verse when I was reading the first chapter of Philippians last weekend. And I had to stop when I came to the 27th verse, where it says, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of…

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