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Bringing Hope and the Gospel to the Most Vulnerable Populations

Our kingdom ministry will not stop…

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:7

God bless you for your heartfelt prayers and faithful support during these uncertain times. As this COVID-19 virus continues to spread, it’s very easy to lose hope and live in fear from the latest headlines or people’s predictions.

But when times are at their worst, faithful believers like you are at their best!

We are people of hope and the Word, and we know that the world belongs to our sovereign Lord.

What good is it if we only trust the Lord when we understand His ways? That only guarantees a life filled with doubts and crippling anxiety. So, even though we may not understand and know what the future holds, Jesus does. And we can put our hope and trust in Him! Completely!

I want you to know that Joni and Friends is a ministry to the vulnerable, and we are doing all we can to continue to take precautions and safeguard the health of those we serve. We are going into overdrive right now to serve people with disabilities in whole new ways. This virus will not stop us and we need your faithful support!                    

I’m so proud that our Joni and Friends staff is not retreating in the face of this virus. Through your support, together, we are doing everything we can to focus on the needs – physical and spiritual – of those we serve together.

Our kingdom ministry work will not stop, and I know you will continue to remain faithful now.

I want you to know that during this time…

Wheelchairs are still being delivered.

  • Our in-country partners are still providing wheelchairs and the Gospel message of Jesus through our Wheels for the World™ in countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Thailand, and others, as governments allow.
  • International partners are still requesting wheelchairs and we have containers of them around the world ready for distribution.
  • Our prison restoration centers are still open and working on restoring wheelchairs and will continue to do so until told otherwise.
  • In countries where distribution is on hold, our partners are reaching out to those who have previously received wheelchairs, following up to check on them, and reconnecting them to local churches that can serve their physical and spiritual needs.

A few Family Retreats are being rescheduled, but this is only temporary.

  • In the meantime, we are reaching out to every family who was planning on attending a Family Retreat to connect, encourage, and determine their unique needs. When we learn specifically what they need – physically and spiritually – we will meet them.
  • Our nationwide staff and volunteers are sending families, volunteers, and Short-term Missionaries (STMs), handwritten notes, Scriptures, prayers, and books to keep them encouraged and strong over the next couple of months.
  • Our teams are re-arranging schedules for even more events during the later months when this temporary season ends!
  • When it is safe, Family Retreats will get right back to normal.

Our Response Team is geared-up to meet even more needs.

  • For everyone who needs prayer, encouragement, information, resources, or just some inspiration, our Response team is ready to serve you.
  • Do you currently feel isolated, anxious, or uncertain of what the future holds? We are encouraging people to contact us and share their prayer requests. Let us pray for you if you are worried, feeling overwhelmed, or isolated.

Together, we must keep ministering! Because we know the responsibilities of living with disability never end. Isolation is the norm and everyday heartbreak for children, adults, and families dealing with disabilities.

Our Joni and Friends staff and I continue to trust in our Almighty God to supply all of our needed resources during this temporary season so that we may continue to help the over-burdened and under-served.

Today, if God is tugging on your heart to give, please do not hesitate. The weak, the frail, and those with fragile health need us as never before!

I realize that your gift this month could be a sacrifice. And so, in light of your generosity, I am asking God to bless you with the measure that you give, “pressed down, shaken together, and running over” as it says in Luke 6:38. Your faithful giving means the world to me right now!

Yes, this coronavirus was unexpected, but we need your immediate support now. Your gift will provide practical support and the hope of Jesus to children, adults, and families worldwide dealing with disability. Even just $18.33 per month will send one wheelchair and a Bible this year!

I am boldly asking for your support on behalf of them! They need tangible, touchable evidence of God’s concern during this tenuous time. As you pray and give, you are enabling us to come to their rescue with practical help and spiritual support. Our nationwide network of staff and volunteers are, right now, ‘out there’ helping in Jesus’ name!

In the middle of these difficult times, I know that God will supply every need. There is always hope during these circumstances. God is faithful and I’m leaning on His promises…and I know you are too!

Join us in prayer that God will be glorified through all of this; that this new challenge happening worldwide becomes a platform for showcasing how amazing God’s sovereignty and grace is.

Let’s remember His promises of Peace and Hope,

We Need Your Help!

This corona virus is unexpected. Your immediate support will enable us to come to the support of families affected by disability around the world with practical support, and the hope of Jesus. Even just $18.33 per month will send one wheelchair and a Bible this year.  Our nationwide network of staff and volunteers are right now, ‘out there’ helping in Jesus name.

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