Serve Your Guest with a Disability This Christmas!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Dec. 4, 2017

Serving Guests Affected By Disability

Christmas is almost here! And that means holiday parties and family get-togethers may be filling up your schedule. But this year, we encourage you to embrace this season of giving and reach out to someone in your church or community affected by disability! As you make plans to include someone new for one of these special celebrations, we’ve provided tips to help you best serve your guests with disabilities.

  • Know that your guests may come late or leave early.
  • If your guest needs extra assistance with anything, like entering your home or feeding, make sure someone is available to help. Be ready and willing to make them feel as comfortable and at ease as possible!
  • If your guest is uneasy in a crowd or needs to lie down due to fatigue, prepare an empty room or quiet, safe space where they can relax.
  • If your guest is in a wheelchair, create space around the dinner table and throughout the house for them to move around. If you don’t have an accessible entrance, let your guest know and ask how you can make your home more accessible.
  • Before the party, ask your guests if they have any food allergies or sensitivities to fragrances. Some people have life-threatening allergies that you may not know about. If you are unable to accommodate all of their special needs, let them know. Invite them to bring a dish or snack for themselves, or one to share with others at the party.
  • Do what is best for your guest, but be conscious about respecting their personal space – not everyone wants or needs help. Don’t show pity, show empathy.

Can you think of other ways to help guests with disabilities feel included? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below!


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