God's Hand in International Family Retreat

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Dec. 14, 2016
  • International Family Retreat

Maame Tiwaah and Joyce

After attending a recent International Family Retreat in Ghana, one of our Short Term Missionaries (STMs), Carley, shared this heartwarming story:

"Joyce brought her daughter, Maame Tiwaah, to the International Family Retreat in Kumasi. Maame Tiwaah had developed aspiration pneumonia after contracting malaria and often struggled to eat and swallow. I was able to identify what had likely caused the aspiration pneumonia, and provided Joyce with safe swallowing strategies to prevent Maame Tiwaah from choking during feeding.

At that moment, I realized why God brought me to Retreat. I believe that Maame Tiwaah was saved physically so that her mother could be saved spiritually. A few days later when I was talking with Joyce and she thanked me for helping her and told me that she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Because of Retreat knew that He died for her sins. She saw God’s hand in leading her to Retreat and also saw her daughter's potential when she was shown love. That’s why we came. Heaven was rejoicing over them and so was I! I am in awe of God’s work and provision in their lives and I will never forget that moment! That moment at International Family Retreat will encourage me to work hard in my degree so that I may help other families like Joyce and Maame Tiwaah!”

Would you like to serve people like Joyce and Maame Tiwaah? Learn more about International Family Retreats today! 


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