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Blessings are to be Shared

I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and I am one of the most – no, I take that back – I am the most blessed quadriplegic you’ll ever meet. Can’t imagine another quadriplegic who’s been blessed like I have – blessed with good health, opportunities to serve the Lord, and so much more. And I always smile whenever I read that scripture that says, “He has richly given us all things to enjoy.” You know why I smile? It doesn’t say that He has richly given me all things; it says “He has richly given us all things to enjoy. So, whatever I enjoy in my life, well, I’d better pass it on to others. ‘Cause they’re meant to be shared, those blessings. And it’s the reason I’ve invested so much time in my life in helping other people with disabilities at Joni and Friends. It’s my way of passing on what God’s given me.

So, have you been blessed? Well, remember, God’s given us things richly to enjoyremember that blessing is to be shared, and passed on!


Family Retreat at Warm Beach

Joni and Friends is partnering with Young Life Capernaum to host this 4-day retreat for the whole family!  This retreat will combine the energetic Young Life camping experience with Joni and Friends focus on the whole family.

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