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Health Update: Back to Work

So many dear people have been calling and texting our ministry and asking, “I’ve been praying for Joni, and wonder how is she doing? Is Joni back to work yet?” You’ll be happy to know that for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been putting in full days at Joni and Friends – and I’m elated! My limited lung capacity certainly hasn’t put limits on my energy, as long as I occasionally check my oxygen levels and do deep-breathing exercises. True, I’m a little more susceptible to colds now, so anyone who helps me with lunch, gives me drinks of water, or puts on my lipstick has to first wash their hands. But my coworkers are more than glad to comply if it keeps me healthy.

Most of all, I cannot stop thanking Jesus. I keep quoting Deuteronomy 6:10-12 where God poured out one abundant blessing after another on His people…as long as they were careful not to forget the Lord (v. 12). My husband Ken and I are diligent in thanking the Lord for bringing me through that recent scare with my heart and lungs (caused by an inability to breath efficiently due to my long-term paralysis).

This month I’ll be involved in Joni and Friends meetings, speaking locally, and finishing up articles and next year’s Joni Planner. Next month, I’ll be recording a full set of Joni and Friends radio programs, and Ken and I will be heading to Family Retreats to serve special needs families alongside our staff and volunteers. With every mile I put on my wheelchair, I will be careful not to forget the Lord…nor you and the many friends who have interceded for me these past two months. God bless you!

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