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A Nudge

Winter has been particularly harsh for many people this year. Here in California it’s hard to imagine the impact of such negative temperatures in other parts of this country. But there’s one aspect of extreme temperatures that’s easy for me to imagine—and that’s being shut-in. We so often take for granted our freedom to drive to work, stop by the grocery store, or treat ourselves to a dinner out. For many people, though, it’s not the weather that keeps them from coming and going; it’s their disability or another chronic condition. I’ve been there, laid up for months at a time with a pressure sore, and unable to leave my bed. As time would stretch on, I felt as though the four walls of my bedroom were closing in. I was so thankful for each visitor who helped break the monotony.

Today is National Shut-In Visitation Day, a time to be intentional about visiting people who are not able to leave their homes. I suspect there was a good reason for designating this day in the middle of February – just about everyone would enjoy company right now! So, let today be your gentle nudge to seek out an isolated shut-in. Make it a point to brighten someone’s day! Because one day “the King will answer… ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me’” (Matthew 25:40).

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