Broadcast Networks

*Please note that the air times are subject to change, and often times we are not notified of it in advance. So, please confirm air times by going to the Broadcasters website.

NRB: DIRECTV (National Coverage) Monday, 11:30am ET and Friday, 7:00pm ET (Channel 378) NRB is also on SkyAngel (Channel 181)


Misc. US Broadcasters:

Cornerstone Network: Pittsburg, PA (WPCB-TV and WKBBS-TV plus 70 affiliates)

Legacy TV: My Family TV (Formerly Faith TV): Clearwater, VA (DIRECTV)

KGEB/GEB (Oral Roberts University):  Tulsa, OK

KJEO 32.4 (ManaVision3): Sanger, CA

KGSC 47: Cheyenne, WY

KNXT TV (Catholic Television): Fresno, CA

The Dove TV: Medford, OR

TLN (Total Living Network): Chicago, IL (Includes KTLN, San Francisco, KEEN, Las Vegas plus over 90 other affiliates)

WATC TV: Atlanta, GA (Affiliate of Cornerstone)

WAZT: Woodstock, VA

WVCY: Milwaukee, WI

WTWV: Memphis, TN

WRXY (Christian Television): Punta Gorda, FL


International Networks:

Alfa Omega TV: Romania

Aradana Broadcasting: India

Australian Christian Channel: Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand

CGNTV: Seoul, Korea

CNLTV: Russia

ERF Medien: Germany and other German speaking European Countries

Family 7 TV: Netherlands

Friends Forever TV:  Jamaica & Guyana

Global Christian Network: US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean

Gospel Channel: Iceland

The Miracle Channel: Alberta, Canada

Patmos Foundation/Studio 24: Finland

Shalom TV: India

United Christian Broadcasters, Ltd.: United Kingdom

WCNTV: South Korea