Steve Saint Interview

  • Jan. 3, 2013
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Joni interviews Steve Saint, missionary to the indigenous people and Ecuador, and founder of the Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center, Inc. (I-TEC).

Steve Saint Interview

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a very special guest today.

The last time we met, I told you the incredible story of Steve Saint, the remarkable missionary-businessman who is helping indigenous tribes to develop technologies, as well as their economies around the world. I have admired Steve for years. And we have met on a couple of occasions; but, earlier this year something happened that connected us a lot more closely. Welcome, Steve, and tell us what happened.

Steve: Hey, thanks Joni, it’s nice to be with you today. Joni, on June 12 this year, I was doing some experiments at our research and development center here in central Florida at the Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center — we call I-TEC, for short. And, I was doing some experiments with a special wing that I’ve been working on. We do all kinds of things to help indigenous people be able to reach their own people — take care of their physical and spiritual needs. But, instead of us doing it for them, we develop new technologies so they can take care it of themselves. And, one of our really fun projects in these last years has been developing a flying car. It will drive on road and it will drive off road. And then, if you get to the end of the road you can actually fly it. And, maybe, the most unique thing about it is that you fly it with the same controls as you drive it with. So, at any rate, I was working on another intuitive vehicle that would be able to go faster. And, since we don’t have a wind tunnel at

I-TEC, I mounted this new wing on top of a car and we made the outside our wind tunnel. We had a new intern who was driving. In fact, it was his first day on the job and I said if he would drive the car going about fifty-five miles an hour, however, it lifted so hard that it broke the restraining straps. The wing came out of its holder and flipped over and hit me on top of the head and knocked me unconscious. I’ve become what I guess they call an “incomplete quadriplegic,” which made me feel kind of bad about it. At least if I were going to be a quadriplegic, I want to be a complete one.

Joni: No. No. No, you don’t Steve. And listen, I’ve watched the on-line videos detailing your progress and rehab. So, what are your functioning abilities now as a, “incomplete quad?”

Steve: Well, now, if I have my sweet wife Ginny with me I can do almost anything. Or, she can, anyway, for me. Joni, I can stand up and, as of, oh about a week ago, I can actually walk around the house by myself, much to Ginny’s consternation, without even a walker.

Joni: Well, you’ve got to tell us — your relationship with the Lord Jesus is so tight, so close — what have you learned through all this?

Steve: The thing that I’ve learned is that basically we have to decide in life whether we’re going to write the story, or whether we’re going to let God write the story. And, I decided a long time ago that I’m going to let God write the story. It’s in the tough times that we really have to decide, okay, am I really going to trust God to write my story? And, Joni, I’ve decided to and this has been a good opportunity for me to say, “Lord, I do trust you and, I know that you’ve got something planned for this. So, I can’t wait to find out what … maybe what assignment is coming that will require this experience.”

Joni: Well, one assignment already is, of course, that God is using you to encourage so many friends. And, those listening, you can go to my radio page at We’ve got a link to Steve Saint’s website. I know that you will continue to allow God to write your story and lean on his grace every day.

Steve: Thank you.

Joni: Blessings on you, brother.

Steve: Alright. Bye-bye.

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