Outreach On Agoura Road

  • Jan. 19, 2009
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Joni shares about how the Spirit convicted her to share Christ with immigrants that she passes every morning on the way to work, despite the language barrier.

Hi, I'm Joni, and what's your view on illegal immigration?  Because today, I'd like to share with you mine! 

Welcome to Joni and Friends, and you probably have some strong feelings about the migration of illegal immigrants into this country, right?  I mean, should there be a fast track to legalization?  Should these people be rounded up and sent home?  Well, the other Sunday at our church, a missionary from Mexico gave the sermon and he said, "No matter what your view, make certain these people hear the Gospel, especially if they're to head back south across the border."

Well, I tell you what...his words came to mind the very next morning as I headed to work at Joni and Friends.  I made a right hand turn on Agoura Road toward the office, and as usual, as we're driving, we pass several groups of Hispanic men standing around, waiting in little groups for someone - maybe a contractor or gardener- someone to stop and give them work.  I pass by these groups every day, but this particular Monday, I kept thinking of the words of that Mexican missionary:  make sure they hear the Gospel of Jesus. 

Right then, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me, Stop and witness to these men.  I immediately brushed it off, I mean, I'm a middle class white woman heading to work... these guys live in a different world than me.  But the Spirit kept insisting that I tell those men about Jesus.  By the time I got to work, I thought I'd better obey - especially after I researched and found that no churches nearby had an outreach to Hispanic illegal immigrants.  So I decided right then and there that, with my little bit high school Spanish, and my friend, Rainey, with whom I work at Joni and Friends, we could do it...

And that's when the adversary started whispering to me, "Oh, yeah, Joni, like you really know how to conjugate irregular Spanish verbs, right!"  But that didn't daunt me. I shared my idea with Rainey who drives me on Wednesdays to work and she went out and got a few Gospel tracts in Spanish. I got out my old Spanish dictionary, we got bags of doughnuts and the following week when we turned onto Agoura Road, guess what... We pulled over on the road, Rainey wound down the window, and gave each man doughnuts and a tract and me, I lean forward in my wheelchair and add, " Hola señores, tenemos regalos para ustedes. ¿Conoces a Jesucristo?" "Hello, men; we have gifts for you; and do you know Jesus Christ?!" That's my little bit of Spanish and my little bit of witnessing. Well, after we ran out of tracts and doughnuts, my friend and I had such joy heading on down the road to work. I'm sure it's because God wants everyone, everywhere to hear about Jesus. 'Cause one day people from every tongue and nation will bow the knee at His name.

And friend today there are people all around you -- especially immigrants who speak Spanish: maybe busboys at a restaurant you frequent, or guys at the car wash, janitors in your office building, the gardeners who take care of your church grounds  -- all of them need to hear the good news. And I want you to join me in giving them the Gospel. The team here at Joni and Friends translated my testimony into a gospel Spanish tract and I'd like to send you a copy -- it's something you could include when you give a tip or thank a maid when they clean your hotel room. God wants everyone, everywhere to hear the gospel of Jesus -- that means everyone you run across everywhere can, at least, hear "something" about God from you. And I want to help by sending you this little tract called "Joni's Story" in Spanish. Just visit me today at JoniandFriendsradio.org and ask for your free copy. Look, friend, God wants people from every tribe and tongue to be invited into his family, so please, I want to send you my story in Spanish for you to use, okay? Connect with me today, would you, at JoniandFriendsradio.org. Until then "Hasta luego y ¡Dios les bendiga!" that means "see you later and God bless you."

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