Joni and Kathy - Bible Read Through

  • Aug. 7, 2012
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Are you reading the Bible chronologically along with Joni and Ken? Kathy, Joni’s sister, sure is. Listen to Kathy as she talks about what she’s learned through her reading of the Bible.

Joni and Kathy - Bible Read Through

Hi, this is Joni Eareckson Tada and you’re listening to Joni and Friends.

And I love it that we are still reading through the Bible in a year. I know many of you friends listening have “signed up” to join Ken and me in reading through the Bible in a year chronologically. We’re more than half-way in this adventure and not long ago we were in the book of Psalms—oh my goodness, I was learning so much. And my sister Kathy is also reading through the Bible in a year.

Joni: Kathy, good to have you with us.

Kathy: Hi, it’s been nice being here from Maryland. I just flew in and have been on the go since I arrived on Saturday.

Joni: … Well, when you and I are together, we are on the go—cleaning closets and all those fun things. But it’s been fun watching you, with your own Bible, carry on with your readings. And I’m looking at this Bible that you’ve got in front of you right now … Oh my goodness, Kathy. You got everything yellow highlighted. You must have at least 79 tabs in this Bible with little notes and stick ’ems. Are you enjoying your reading through the Bible in a year?

Kathy: Well, I have to say yes. Since I retired July 1st (it’ll be a year) from school teaching 43 years … You know how it is when you have a job and whom to take care of and, I didn’t even have children to take care of!.. so I know how time is precious to everyone. But, I had a very close girlfriend who lives in Florida—used to live in Maryland and we went to college together—and for a retirement present, she gave me a Bible. Because she gave it to me, and she did ask “Are you reading the Bible that I gave you?” and I said, “Yes … I’m really enjoying it.” But I decided to do, from the very beginning, because …

Joni: … from Genesis …

Kathy: … Yeah, from Genesis, and every single page, every single word, all the way to … through Revelations …

Joni: You didn’t miss any of those names in 1 Chronicles?

Kathy: No! And you know it’s funny because people I’ve talked to say, “Oh you’re reading the Bible?!” And I say, “Well, I’ve read the New Testament many times, but I’ve never really sat down and read the Old Testament, word for word.”

Joni: … So, what has struck you?

Kathy: Well, the first thing that people were asking me was, “Well, you know I tried to read the Old Testament but it keeps repeating itself. And all those names and all these people, and it’s just so confusing!” I said to them, “Well, you know, persevere.” Because once you start, it just amazed me how much information is in the old testament: historical and you can relate to things that are happening in your life or other people’s lives through the people that lived—you know—2,000 or more years ago, prophesies that have come true … it just, it just fascinates me!

Joni: … And you have told me that you have learned some things about God.

Kathy: Oh yeah. Well, you know, growing up a Christian you say, “God is good; and, God is great; and, God created; and, God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost” … and then you read the new testament and how it connects. But I tell you, reading through the Old Testament, every book repeats the same message: how much God loves us deeply. But He’s also a good father—he disciplines. And all he asks of us is to love Him with all your heart, which I know people have heard in church and all, but to follow His commandments—to obey.

Joni: … To obey …

Kathy: To be obedient. You know, every time I read this in the Old Testament, it just reminded me … a good father. A good father loves his children, but a good father also disciplines his children. And yes, the discipline seems very harsh when you read the Old Testament, but He almost begs us to just love Him …

Joni: … Yeah, and follow Him …

Kathy: … And follow Him, and everything will be fine.

Joni: Well, friend listening, again, you’ve got to see this Bible that my sister’s been reading—with all these tabs. I took a picture of it and I posted it up on my radio page today, so come on over and take a look at

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