Freedom Chair

  • April 10, 2014
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We’re looking for new ways to improve the delivery of the Gospel and that includes the development of the “Freedom Chair.” 

Freedom Chair

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with some great news.

You know all about “Wheels for the World”, I'm sure – and this year (actually, this month) we are delivering our 100,000th wheelchair.  It’s taking place over in Ghana, West Africa where “Wheels for the World” got started 20 years ago.  And, oh, when I think of the hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and their family members who have come to salvation in Christ through the delivery of those wheelchairs I am thrilled!

But you know me.  I'm always looking for new ways to improve the delivery of the Gospel, and those Bibles, and all those wheelchairs, right, because there is a huge need out there.  Well, the other day Doug Mazza, our president, came into my office with Marc Stein who oversees “Wheels for the World”.  And they were pushing this really nifty, smart, smooth and sleek little wheelchair – but this wasn’t just any wheelchair.  This thing had a single third wheel in front (rather than the two typical front wheels), and I could tell it was especially designed for rough terrain.  This wheelchair was beautiful, all black and shiny (now I know I sound like I'm describing a Lexus car, but when you live in a wheelchair, you really notice a sleek, fresh new design).  “Where did you get this thing?” I said to Doug and Marc, and they said it was designed at the Mobility Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And the neat thing is, we’ve been asked to help test it on the field.  I was incredulous.  Because…

Because, how good of God, how very, very good of God to remember (as the Bible says), to remember the poor and the needy. Because this chair is simply top-notch, it’s lightweight, it’s extremely durable, and we get to test it out on the needy disabled people we serve in developing nations. It’s like giving a top-of-the-line wheelchair to the poorest of the poor in countries like Peru or Guatemala or Romania. For the most part, disabled people in those countries have nothing, zilch, nada, zero. But if we can give them a chair like this, it shows the extent to which God cares for their needs. It shows that God is interested in giving them the best of the best. I felt just like it says in Psalm 35, verse 10, “My whole being will exclaim, "Who is like you, O Lord?  You rescue the poor and needy."

I love it that “Joni and Friends” is always looking for new ways to improve the wheelchairs we provide to needy disabled people!  Now, to be sure, it’s still in the testing phase, but we’re excited about the possibility of including this newly designed wheelchair in our “Wheels for the World” outreach in the future.  And, hey, if you’d like to see this sleek new all-terrain wheelchair, I’ve posted a photo of it on my radio page at  So visit my radio page today, take a look, and rejoice with us.  Oh, and please be praying this week as we deliver wheelchairs and Bibles and give the Gospel to needy disabled people in Mexico – after that, we’ll have another Wheels team heading for Africa.  And may I say friend, if you want to honor God, look for ways to bless the poor and the needy in your own community.  Whether it’s the homeless, people with disabilities living in care centers, the elderly, folks in nursing homes, or children who are hungry, find ways to encourage them with the best of your talents and gifts.  After all, Proverbs 14 says that whoever is kind to the needy, honors God. And that’s a very good thing. Visit to Tweet today’s program to your friends.

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