Euthanasia in Belgium

  • April 24, 2013
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Euthanasia is legal in Belgium because God has been removed from their society. Will we let this insidious evil take root in America?

Euthanasia in Belgium

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a shocking news report.

When I read this in the news, I was not only stunned, I was so saddened. As you know, euthanasia—that is, what they call “mercy killing”—is legal in some countries in Europe. In the Netherlands, for instance, doctors are free to decide whether or not a child born with a disability should live. Can you believe that? The government has come up with a guideline of standards and if the doctor believes that the child—or the parents—would face significant suffering, then that infant can be euthanized. That child with a disability doesn’t even have a chance at life. He is killed, and his only crime is his medical condition.

That’s in the Netherlands, but in the country of Belgium, they’ve taken euthanasia a step further. For instance, two deaf adult twin brothers in Belgium were euthanized by their doctor after realizing they were going blind and would not be able to see each other again. The 45-year-old men, whose names have not been made public, were legally put to death by lethal injection at the Brussels University Hospital in December of last year. The men, who were born deaf, had a cup of coffee in the hospital hallway, and said goodbye to other family members before walking into hospital room together to die. Their doctor who gave them each a lethal injection told Belgian television, "They were very happy. They waved goodbye to each other, laid back on the pillow and went to sleep. It was a relief to see the end of their suffering. " More than 1,000 people legally availed themselves of doctor-assisted deaths in Belgium in 2011, most of them terminally ill. But these two brothers did not have a terminal illness. They weren’t even sick. But the euthanasia law in Belgium allows doctors to euthanize mentally sound people who believe that their suffering is too much to bear. Belgian lawmakers are even considering a law that would extend euthanasia to people with dementia, both adults and children, whose families and doctors consent.

Friend, this is what happens when a country—when lawmakers, when the government—takes God completely out of the picture. When God is removed, the moral consensus that has guided that society begins to unravel. And this is why we need to be gearing up for next week’s National Day of Prayer. Already in this country, there are two states (Washington and Oregon) who have euthanasia laws on the books. True, they don’t allow for the sorts of abuses that are legal in the Netherlands and in Belgium, but the United States is not far behind. Already, people in this country have bought into the premise that one really is better off dead than disabled. So we need to be praying against the culture of death that is insidiously creeping into our national conscience; and we need to strengthen the culture of life with our prayers. After all, Jesus has the words of life; He is the Resurrection and the Life; He is the Way, the Truth and the Life; in Him is abundant life. So may His name be exalted in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers, and state assemblies across this nation.

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