Doug Nichols

  • May 27, 2008
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Doug Nichols shows how when we serve God and model Him in our suffering, we find opportunities to extend His salvation farther than we ever could on our own strength.

 We've a Story to Tell to the Nations

That will turn their hearts to the right

A story of truth and mercy

A story of peace and light

A story of peace and light

For the darkness shall turn to the dawning

And the dawning to noon day bright

And Christ's great kingdom shall come to earth

The kingdom of love and light. 

I think it was back in 1967 when Doug Nichols, a missionary, fell ill while serving in India and had to spend several months in a dingy tuberculosis sanitarium. While there, Doug tried to give gospel tracts to the patients and doctors, but no one would accept them. It was a dark time in Doug's life. He was sick, weak, lonely, and disappointed no one would listen to him share the gospel.

One night around 2:00 in the morning, Doug woke up coughing. Across the aisle, he noticed an old man trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. The man was too weak to stand, and he fell back into bed crying and exhausted. Although sick himself and as weak as he had ever been, Doug got out of bed and with a smile placed he one arm under that old man's neck and the other under his legs. With all Doug's strength he lifted the sick man and carried him down the hall to the filthy, smelly washroom. Then the missionary carried him back to his bed.

"Dhanyawaad."  The old man smiled and rasped the Hindi word for thanks.

What happened the next morning was absolutely amazing. One of the other patients woke Doug up with a steaming cup of tea, making motions that he wanted a gospel tract. Then other patients came and asked for the same booklets. Even the nurses and a doctor asked for one. Over the next few days, several patients and staff gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The whole situation had changed overnight all because of Doug's sacrificial act at 2 a.m. in the morning.

Friend, it's a story not only for the nation of India and people who speak Hindi... it's your story, too.  The power of the Good News of our Savior is released in your life when you allow your weakness to showcase the awesome might and mercy and love of Jesus. When we serve Him and model Him in our suffering, what do you know, we have more than enough opportunities to extend His salvation even farther than we ever, ever could in our strength.

MUSIC: We've a Story to Tell to the Nations,  Words & Music: H. Ernest Nichol, 1896   Public Domain

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