The Bible Alphabet

  • July 15, 2013
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How can you get your child to learn the Word of God? Joni’s friend Bobbie shares a creative and fun method of teaching Bible verses to children.

The Bible Alphabet

Joni: Memorizing the Bible is easy—much easier than you think! Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to "Joni and Friends," where we love to encourage people to commit God's Word to memory … and I have my friend Bobbie Wolgemuth with me. Hi, Bobbie!

Bobbie: Hi, Joni! It’s so great to be with you.

Joni: Well, I tell you what, you are such an inspiration to me, because not only of your own testimony, but you have an unusual and easy way to help the kids you know memorize God's Word, don’t you.

Bobbie: Well, actually it’s not my idea but my precious mother-in-law, Grace Wolgemuth, came up with a great way to teach kids A to Z Bible verses.

Joni: Wow! Before we get to it, tell us a little bit about her.

Bobbie: Grace just went to heaven a month ago; she was 93. She grew up on a farm. She was a simple farm girl with eight kids in the family and her family sang together. They said there were two books important in their family: that was a hymn book and a Bible, and the heritage that her family passed down is pretty much an incredible legacy.

Joni: Well, tell us about the method she came up with for helping her children and grandchildren memorize Bible verses.

Bobbie: Our daughters were four and one-and-a-half when Robert and I went on a trip, and mom had the girls for five days when they were little—now the girls are in their 30’s. So, she had them for five days and when we came back she said, “The girls have a surprise for you.” And they stood on the kitchen floor and we thought they might give us a little art or something like that and they said, “A, All we like sheep have gone astray … B, Be kind one to another … C, Children obey your parents.” And they go all the way down to “Z, Zacchaeus, you come down for I’m coming to your house.” And here are these two little children … Robert and I are just standing there amazed and tearing, and realized that mother had given her five days to, instead of running around and doing things for herself, she had taken intentional moments and sat with the children in the garden or chopping vegetables and taught them A, B, C Bible verses.

Joni: Wow! What a great thing. And so you went all the way from A to Z?

Bobbie: All the way from A to Z. She did and she took construction paper and put A on a page and the kids would color for A, “All we like sheep have gone astray.” She would put a little cotton ball on there and then it represented the little sheep and they the kids would say it a few times and then they started to recognize it with the pictures that they were either cutting out of magazines or old Christmas cards …

Joni: Well, although Grace may have gone home to heaven, Bobbie, I have an idea that you are doing the same thing with your grandchildren. What a wonderful thing.

Bobbie: Absolutely!

Joni: This is something I think our listening friends would like to get in on.

Bobbie: I think they’d love it and it is so easy. It is just such a treasure to have the bond between you and your children, grandchildren, neighbors. I have taught some of these to my neighbor kids and what a treasure. Their mothers are so appreciative, especially the church moms that say we didn’t know kids that young could memorize. Well, children can memorize with a hug and a smile and a Bible verse; I’m telling you there is nothing better.

Joni: Well, Bobbie, I am so grateful that you and Robert have given us permission at Joni and Friends to produce these 26 verses, all carefully chosen by your mother in law, Grace Wolgemuth. And friend listening, we are going to post it on my radio page at or you can always write us at Joni and Friends, Post Office Box 3333, Agoura Hills, California 91376. Bobbie, how good of you to pass on the wonderful and ingeniously creative way to memorize God’s Word.       

Bobbie: Mother would be so pleased. Thank you for presenting it.

Joni: And I think a lot of moms listening in, and grandmoms are going to thank you as well.

Bobbie: Oh, good. Blessings.

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