Bonnie's Story

  • April 22, 2012
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Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and let me tell you about my friend Bonnie. Bonnie is quite rare in that she is a polio quadriplegic; and that makes her a polio survivor! Recently she told me, “You know, Joni, all of my polio friends have died and some have even given up on living before dying, but for me there is so much more to do and I want to do it.” It’s true: So many people give up on living before they reach the grave. And friend, if for you the journey down here on earth feels utterly overwhelming, remember Romans 6 says “… just as Christ was raised from the dead… we may live a new life.” God is not finished with you; if He were, you would be in heaven right now. You and I are more like Bonnie than we think. There is so much more for you to do in life. So don’t give up, don’t throw in the towel, don’t get taken out of the battle. You’ve got a lot of life to live.

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