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Heart for the Disabled

Every year, we meet so many families whose everyday lives are impacted by disability: weary single-moms who worry about making ends meet, siblings who patiently help their brother with autism, grandparents who lovingly care for a baby with neonatal withdrawal ... Families that need encouragement from Christians like you. And it’s why at the start of every year, we select five families affected by disability to be the recipients of “Hearts for the Disabled.” You can participate by sending a Valentine’s Day card, gift, or note to one or more of the five selected families. Just download this printout to learn more.

To encourage you, we’ve put together a video of Calvin, Joshua and Jonathan — a special needs family blessed by last year’s “Heart for the Disabled” project. Join us and share this project with others in your community. Because together we can do as 1 Thessalonians 5 says, “Therefore encourage and build up one another ... Comfort the discouraged. Help the weak.” Thanks for having a heart for the disabled!

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We Were Made For This

God created each of us to display His Glory, enabling us to demonstrate it to everyone we encounter.

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Jeris and Natalia

You know, caring for someone with a disability is not easy.

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