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When at the age of 17, Joni Eareckson faced life in a wheelchair after a reckless diving accident, she could barely hold on to hope. But through the help of Christian friends, Joni found hope and faith in Christ. And that’s why now she wishes to share that same encouragement with you. Because whether you are sitting in a wheelchair, struggling with a broken marriage, stressing over school, or enjoying a life with very few setbacks, we all are in need of hope in Jesus Christ.

Since 1982, Joni Eareckson Tada has been sharing that very hope through her award-winning radio programs. We invite you to listen to today’s program on this webpage, where you can leave your thoughts for Joni and the team. And if you tune in to Joni’s messages on your local Christian radio station, don’t forget to jot the station manager a note of thanks. Thanks for listening!

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Joni and Ken's 33rd Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Joni & Ken! Listen to Joni and Ken discuss the things they do to keep their marriage strong.

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Serve Gladly

My friend, Bill, takes very good care of his disabled wife. 

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Bill Krissoff

  • July 2, 2015
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After losing his son in the Iraq war, an orthopedic surgeon goes to Afghanistan to serve as a battalion surgeon.

Kim Yap Soon

  • July 1, 2015
  • #8653

A depressed young man with quadriplegia thought no one cared for him, until church members reached out to encourage him in the Lord.

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Welcome Trails

  • July 3, 2015
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One of the most oft-quoted scriptures is in the book of James. 

My Shepherd

  • July 2, 2015
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I love meditating on the 23rd Psalm. 

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