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Send your Valentine for Heart for the Disabled!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. And at Joni and Friends, we’re getting ready to show special needs families that they are loved. Every year, through our Heart for the Disabled ministry, we select five special needs families in need of encouragement. These are families with real needs — teenagers on the autism spectrum, single moms struggling to make ends meet, couples growing weary from personal-care routines …. But you can make a difference by sending them a Valentine! Just download this information sheet to learn more about each of the five families. And then, pick up a pen and jot a note encouragement to one (or more) of these families. Maybe you could even include a Baskin-Robbins certificate or a favorite poem! You can mail your cards and gifts to Joni and Friends, PO Box 3333, Agoura Hills, CA 91376. Just make sure to do it soon so we can send everything in time for Valentine’s Day. God bless you — and thank you for having a “heart for the disabled!”

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More Than An Advocate

When you're in a vulnerable state, you need an advocate. And our best advocate is Jesus, who speaks to the Father in our defense. 

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Now, A Precious Gift

 I’m so grateful for the caregivers I’ve had throughout my fifty years of quadriplegia.

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