December 2017 - Week 5

Sunday 24 Praise God with us for His faithful leading and protection during 2017 as we shared the Good News and taught the value and dignity of each individual life.

Monday 25 As we celebrate Christ’s birth, remember those who are unable to attend church because of a disability. Ask God to encourage these loved ones in a special way today.

Tuesday 26 Thank God for the army of willing volunteers who, along with our diligent prayer partners, keep this ministry moving onward and upward!

Wednesday 27 Ministry Associate Debbie Kay: Ask God to provide for her financial and health needs as she leads the ministry Hope for the Brokenhearted.

Thursday 28 Even though the first family retreat isn’t until April 2018, pray for the planning taking place now and the registration process that begins in January.

Friday 29 We praise our sovereign God for showing up in power during our International Family Retreat in Ghana. Muslim families accepted Christ and parents who had become suicidal opened their hearts to Jehovah-Rafa, the God who heals.

Saturday 30 Praise the Lord for raising up new churches and church networks interested in disability ministry in every corner of the globe.


Sunday 31 Pray God will call many to serve with Joni and Friends next year through Cause 4 Life, Family Retreats, Wheels for the World, and Area Ministries—the blessings are great and life changing!