December 2017 - Week 3

Sunday 10 Joni and Friends Knoxville: Pray for God’s wisdom as we broaden the scope and number of church trainings in Tennessee and Kentucky. We want to help build up ministries already in place and encourage others to begin new outreaches.

Monday 11 Pray more churches will respond to the call to embrace those who are differently abled.

Tuesday 12 Joni and Friends Mississippi: Please lift up our volunteers as they deliver Christmas gifts to over 1,000 people affected by disability across Mississippi, Louisiana, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Wednesday 13 Joni and Friends Minnesota: Pray for the marriages of those who attended our Family Retreat to be strengthened as couples rely on God’s strength to face their daily challenges.

Thursday 14 Pray for God’s comfort and strong presence for those who will deal with loneliness and depression through the holiday season. While many families are enjoying close fellowship, there are those who face mental illness, disabling conditions, and other circumstances which keep them isolated.

Friday 15 Please pray for Joni and the radio team as they travel to Irvine to record radio programs and celebrate the blessings of the Christmas season with their dear friends at Ambassador Advertising Agency.

Saturday 16 Stephanie recently moved across the country to live with and care for her parents. Pray she finds supportive resources and a local church where she can belong and grow in her faith.