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Welcome to My Corner ... and My Diamonds in the Dust Video series!

Every week I am highlighting a special lesson from God's Word that has helped me live in my wheelchair for nearly five decades ... with a smile! And my heart’s desire is to pass along these short, yet deep little lessons to you, in hopes that the insights will inspire you, too, to follow Jesus willingly and gladly down difficult roads. Why do I call this series Diamonds in the Dust? Well, as I’ve traveled this rocky path of paralysis, I have discovered many diamonds in the dust, slivers of scripture packed with power — a fragment from a biblical proverb or a snippet of a Psalm ... Each week, I share one of those diamonds in this 1-minute video series. So, stop by every Monday for a new, heartening, and encouraging lesson!

This Week’s Video: Jesus With His Strong Sword

You will never be more whole, more spiritually complete, than when you let God's Word, the sword of the Spirit, do its work in your life.

People That Inspire Joni

In our journey through life, we all need people to inspire us along the way—and I’m no exception. I thank God for sending me true models of inspiration, and I have the pleasure of introducing you to some of them here.

My Sisters

Joni and her sisters.As the youngest of four girls, I scurried to keep up with my older, more athletic sisters — Linda is the eldest, then my sister Jay Kay (to my right), and closest to me in age is Kathy (to my left). After the 1967 diving accident in which I became paralyzed, my sisters rolled their sleeves up and helped me through all the ups and downs as I adjusted to life in a wheelchair. Patient and persevering, they inspire me to this day!

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John Newton

John NewtonMost of us know John Newton as the author of the timeless hymn, “Amazing Grace.” At a young age, Newton worked on slave ships, and was an active part of the slave trade. After Newton came to Christ, he became active in the abolition movement, living to see Britain's abolition of the African slave trade in 1807. Newton was a humble, sweet-spirited man, and his reflections on the Christian faith are, to me, so inspiring. Like this quote, "Some Christians are called to endure a disproportionate amount of suffering. Such Christians are a spectacle of grace to the ...

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Share With Us Your Story

One of the best things about Joni and Friends is the "and Friends." That's you! Our ministry is a marvelous network of servants and leaders, young and old, able and disabled, from the U.S. and around the world, all of whom share a special love for the Lord Jesus, as well as a deep desire to make Him real to a skeptical world. You already know my story, but I'd like to hear yours -- burdens are lifted and joy is multiplied when we open our hearts to each other. So thank you for writing me and telling me about the Lord's work in your life. And who knows? Some of what you say may end up in one of our "Joni and Friends" radio programs or in one of our newsletters. Whichever, thank you for encouraging others (and encouraging me) with your story!

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