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This is the “on-line connection for amps with an active lifestyle.” Included on this website is information about amputee sports, prosthetic technology, personal stories of courage and achievement, and a number of resource links.

American Leprosy Missions

ALM provides wholistic care to people and communities around the world who are affected by leprosy. ALM is a non-denominational Christian ministry of hope and restoration for those suffering with the disease. The ministry now supports more than 100 projects in 20 countries, including a partnership project with Joni and Friends in India.

Disability Online

This is an online, international information directory for people with disabilities. There are over 2,000 links in the directory.

Endurance with Jan & Dave Dravecky

The Dravecky’s realized in their own journey with cancer and amputation that it could not be endured alone. Their ministry was created to give others the power of endurance—not in their own ability, but in the comfort, encouragement and hope that God provides. Through multimedia resources and working alongside health professionals, they provide resources for them and their patients. Dave Dravecky’s story is one of hope, courage and perseverance in the midst of dark and overwhelming uncertainty. As a speaker he powerfully inspires through the faith and hope he discovered along his journey. Dave Dravecky
Phone: 719-322-5516

Friends of Bethany

Friends of Bethany is dedicated to sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ worldwide by supporting and inspiring people through the life stories of Bethany Hamilton and others. They achieve these goals by prayer, connecting with similar organizations, and by sending “Encouragement Packets” to recent and struggling amputees and shark attack survivors.

Limbs for Life Foundation

The mission of Limbs for Life Foundation is to benefit amputees by promoting advanced research and to provide comfortable and fully functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it. Each qualified applicant will be provided with partial or complete funding for a prosthesis, fitted by a highly qualified prosthetist. DONATIONS of artificial limbs accepted.
The limb bank collects and distributes used limbs free of charge to amputees in developing countries.

This is an Internet resource for orthotics and prosthetics information. is dedicated to providing practitioners and patients with up-to-date, comprehensive information in an easily accessible format.

Standing With Hope

Emerging from a catastrophic car accident resulting in more than seventy operations, including the amputation of both legs, Gracie Rosenberger shares the hope that continues to sustain her. She and her husband, Peter, along with their sons, Parker and Grayson, founded the artificial limb outreach. They equip and train local workers on building high quality prosthetic limbs for their own people as an evangelical outreach.

The Amputee Coalition of America (ACA)

Its information clearinghouse, National Limb Loss Information Center, provides comprehensive resources for people with limb loss, as well as their families, friends, and the health care professionals involved with their lives. This website features: program details for the National Peer Network, limb loss research and statistics, and articles from “inMotion,” a bimonthly magazine for ACA members.

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