For Families

What is it like to attend?

Family Retreats provide dynamic programs that refresh and strengthen families who live with disability. Held at accessible camp and conference centers across the United States, the program is flexible and designed to provide the entire family with time together in a camp atmosphere.

The retreat offers a change of pace where you can have fun together in a safe and accepting environment. You'll be able to get away and enjoy God's creation…you'll meet and fellowship with others who face similar concerns…you'll build lasting memories together as a family…as well as a renewed hope in God. While each camp or conference center has its own unique facilities, every Family Retreat is packed with exciting adventures for the whole family. Several sites have amenities such as climbing walls and ropes courses, boating, hiking trails, mud pits, and a host of other activities to energize the week.

Each day the youth and children enjoy exciting age-appropriate camp activities, crafts, and recreational activities…and, most importantly, they will have the freedom to be themselves. Moms and dads have the opportunity to enjoy Christ-centered worship, teaching and practical seminars that address family life and issues related to life with a disability. The afternoons are free to relax or participate in a variety of optional activities. Evenings are full of family oriented activities such as talent shows, camp fires, concerts, carnivals, and more…all in a warm, accepting environment.

What assistance will my family receive?


A caring and trained Short Term Missionary (STM) will serve your family throughout the week. Your Short Term Missionary will be with you at each of the meals and program activities. If you have a child with a disability, your STM will attend all of the age-related activities with him or her, allowing parents to participate in special adult programming and to make the week restful and enjoyable. Each Short Term Missionary has undergone a thorough screening, background check, and has completed our training course. Our STMs range in age from young adults to grandparents. Each season, many return to serve again. STMs also assist in the children and youth programs, recreation and crafts, hospitality and other program areas.

STMs room in separate accommodations and do not provide personal or medical care. If you require personal or medical care, please bring an attendant with you and include the attendant when completing online registration. The retreat sites are accessible. We do our best to meet the needs of each family, pertaining to accommodations, diet, or other requirements you indicate on your registration.

How much does it cost and is there aid?

The cost of camp varies from location to location and is on our current schedule along with the retreat contact information. Please contact the area ministry operating the Family Retreat you are interested in attending with any questions.

Joni and Friends Scholarships: Many families attend Family Retreat with the help of their church, friends, or an organization. Families who seek support from their church, friends, family, and other agencies will often discover continuing sources of support and assistance that last far beyond their time at Family Retreat. Joni and Friends offers partial scholarships that cover the registration costs when combined with agency, family, friend and church contributions. Click here to apply for a scholarship. Click here apply for a scholarship.

Refunds: Joni and Friends will only provide refunds for cancellations due to an emergency.

Can my family attend more than one retreat?

To enable as many families as possible to experience Joni and Friends Family Retreat, families may attend one Joni and Friends Family Retreat per year.

When and how should I apply?

We recommend registering as far in advance as possible. Although the retreats are held during the summer months, many reach capacity early in the year. Applications are accepted until a retreat is filled, or up to two weeks before the retreat begins.

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