Education & Training

At Joni and Friends, education and training are at the heart of our ministry.

Whether you’re an individual seeking to learn more about disabilities, a church wanting to start a disability ministry, or even an educator searching for resources for your classroom, we are here to help!

For Individuals & Families

Understanding and serving people affected by disabilities.

Barrier Free Friendships

A book on bridging the distance between you and your friends with disabilities.

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The Life and Death Dilemma

A book on families facing heath care choices.

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Life in the Balance

A book of biblical answers for the issues of our day.

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Same Lake
Different Boat

A book on how to come alongside people touched by disability.

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For Churches

Develop and expand a disability ministry at your church.

Special Needs Smart Pages

This is the best single comprehensive resource offered providing churches with tools for reaching out to families affected by disability.

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Process Map for Starting a Disability Ministry

A rough “road map” to help navigate the arduous task of birthing and nurturing a new Disability Ministry as well as expanding an existing ministry.

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Church Facility Accessibility Checklist

Find out exactly what is need to make your church facility fully accessible.

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For k-12 Educators

Make the children’s ministry at your church disability-friendly.

Camp Lean on the Lord

Disability Awareness Program and Missions Project for children ages 4–12.

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On A Roll for Jesus!

Disability Awareness Program and Missions Project

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Let All the Children Come To Me

A practical handbook filled with inspiration and information for teachers and pastors.

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Give Them Jesus

Evangelizing resource for children with special needs.

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For Higher Education

Find certification, bachelor’s, and master’s level coursework available from Joni and Friends.

Certificate Course

Beyond Suffering, a unique college level certificate course offered only at the International Disability Center in Southern CA.

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Accredited Coursework

Accredited coursework in disability ministry at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

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International Education

Basics: Fundamentals of Disability Ministry Training.
Designed by God: A Biblical Theology of Disability, Suffering and the Church

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Internship Programs

Cause 4 Life: Student Missions and Internships

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Featured Training Materials

Why Christian Doctrine Matters

  • April 1, 2010
  • Kathy McReynolds
  • Policy Paper

Christian doctrine forms the basis for a biblical understanding of our world. It is important to have such a foundation in order to consider issues related to bioethics.

Life in the Balance, Chapter 3: Making Sense of Autism

  • March 2, 2011
  • File Download

From the book Life in the Balance: Biblical Answers for the Issues of Our Day, meet families who are bravely navigating the complicated world of autism. Their frustrations and tender joys may surprise you, as well as their total dependence on God. You’ll discover that families affected by autism don’t always want to be on the receiving end. They have a lot to offer. In fact, God tells us that our churches will never be complete without them.