December 2016

Ways to Serve Your Guest with Disability During the Holidays

ChristmasWith Christmas around the corner, holiday parties and family get-togethers may be filling up your schedule. This year, your Christmas gathering may be the perfect opportunity to reach out to someone in your church or community who has a disability! As you make plans to include someone new for one of...

Can the Blind Lead the Blind?

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Dec. 1, 2016
  • Joni's Posts, Family Retreats

BlindThis snapshot proves it’s more than possible… it’s even natural if you happen to be attending a Joni and Friends’ Family Retreat. Meet Janine Hults who is legally blind and uses a guide dog, and Andy Anderson who, because of diabetes, is an amputee and is visually impaired, as well.

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