Accessibility Statement

We are committed to ensuring is accessible to all users. This website has been developed to help eliminate barriers to information, make available new opportunities for those with disabilities, and to encourage the development of new technologies to help achieve these goals. is regularly monitored to ensure it meets or exceeds user expectations.

Fonts and Colors

The fonts and colors used on this site were specifically chosen for easy readability.    
Skip to Content

Located at the top right of each page of the website, the "skip to content" option enables users to quickly skip to the content or menu sections of the page. This feature may be helpful if you are using a screen magnifier or speech browser, or are viewing the site on a small screen.

Adjustable Text Size

On the top right-hand side of every page on, there is a “change font size” feature that allows users to select the text size he/she prefers. Next to the "change font size" option there are two buttons; one is a (–) minus sign and the other is a (+) plus sign. These two buttons provide a range in text size, from small to large. Simply click one of the two buttons in order to shrink or enlarge the text size.


Typical “fly-out” navigation menus were purposely avoided on this site. Research indicates that fly-out navigation menus are not as accessible to those with motor-control disabilities. For example, hovering a mouse-pointer over a navigation item can be difficult. Therefore, our website uses a larger, drop-down navigation system. This type of navigation allows the user to open a large menu area (see the Our Ministries link) that exposes the navigational options. Users may take their time in determining what menu item they want without having to hold down a mouse button.